Create a clean virtual environment

Ideally, before installation, create a clean python3.6+ virtual environment to deploy the package. Python 2 is not supported. For example one can use conda or virtualenvwrapper.

With virtualenvwrapper:

mkvirtualenv nanocompore -p python3.7

With conda:

conda create -n nanocompore python=3.7


Nanocompore relies on a the following robustly maintained third party python libraries:

  • python = ">=3.6.1"
  • numpy = "~1.19"
  • scipy = "~1.5"
  • tqdm = "~4"
  • pyfaidx = "~0.5"
  • matplotlib = "~3.1"
  • seaborn = "~0"
  • pandas = "~0.25"
  • statsmodels = "~0.12"
  • scikit-learn = "~0.23"
  • bedparse = "~0.2"
  • pyyaml = "~5"
  • loguru = "~0.5"

The correct versions of packages are installed together with the software when using pip.

pip3 install nanocompore
conda install -c bioconda nanocompore

Option 2: Clone the repository and install locally in develop mode with poetry

With this option, the package will be locally installed in editable or develop mode. This allows the package to be both installed and editable in project form. This is the recommended option if you wish to modify the code and/or participate to the development of the package (see contribution guidelines).

# Clone repo localy
git clone

# Enter in repo directory
cd nanocompore

# Install with pip3
pip install poetry
poetry install

Testing the installation (Optional)

If nanocompore is installed in develop mode (Option 2) it is recommended to run the unit tests and integration tests to verify the installation. The test framework pytest needs to be installed manually to run the test in the virtual environment where NanoCompore is also installed.

pip install pytest

Then run pytest in the directory where nanocompore was downloaded.


If all the tests are successful you should get a similar output:

====================================== test session starts =======================================
platform linux -- Python 3.6.6, pytest-4.3.0, py-1.7.0, pluggy-0.8.1
rootdir: /home/aleg/Programming/nanocompore, inifile:
collected 40 items                                                                               

tests/ .................                                                [ 42%]
tests/ ....                                                              [ 52%]
tests/ ...............                                                       [ 90%]
tests/ ....                                                               [100%]

================================== 40 passed in 160.40 seconds ===================================